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Davey Jones TD

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Davey Jones TD

Davey Jones TD is an 8-bit style tower defence game that has a unique charm to it being deliberately made in 8-bit style. It also has those nostalgic 8-bit sounds as well. You’ll play as the pirate Davey Jones and you are on a quest to reclaim your lost souls. So you’ll travel far and wide across the seven seas to find them, and have to battle and kill many types of mighty sea monsters of the deep blue to survive and reclaim them.

Gold coins are the currency and you’ll earn them from killing sea monsters. Use them to buy more towers with and upgrade existing towers. You will notice that your towers take damage so you’ll have to repair them from time to time as well as upgrading them. As you play and earn points you’ll level up earning upgrade points. At the end of each level you can use them to upgrade and unlock new towers and upgrades with. You can purchase upgrades mid-way through a level from the pause menu if you have earned the upgrade points.

There are about 40+ towers and upgrades to get and well over 250 achievements to complete.

Follow the in-game play along tutorial to learn everything else.

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