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Colony Defenders 2

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Colony Defenders

The Xolora colonies are under attack once again by vicious alien forces. Bolster the defenses and hold off their attacks in Colony Defenders 2. The storyline of this tower defense game will draw you deeper in, and its quality voiceovers give it an even greater immersion factor, but its the gameplay that true gamers are here for. Trust us, this category certainly will not disappoint.

There are several types of towers that can be built at strategic points. The machine gun tower is the most cost-effective defensive structure against lightly-armored enemies with its high rate of fire and moderate damage. Rocket towers have a slower rate of fire, but seek enemies, deal splash damage, and will burn enemies as well! As you progress, new tower types will become accessible. Aside from towers, you can also deploy support powers such as rocket strikes to hold off the enemy advance. Use these sparingly, however, since they have a cooldown time.

What makes this tower defense game unique compared to other games in its genre is its upgrade system. Rather than using money to upgrade your towers, minerals are used. Minerals are harvested by drones which can be bought from your command center. It is advisable to deploy a large force of drones to harvest minerals if you want to upgrade your turrets as quickly as possible.

Colony Defenders 2 combines tower defense with elements of the real-time strategy genre and a futuristic setting. Fans of the genre and the original game of this series are in for a real treat!

Colony Defenders

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