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Carrot Defense

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Carrot Defense

Carrot Defense is a game you will like. You are going to help a rabbit sitting on the trunk of a tree in his garden where there is a huge carrot growing. The rabbit is equipped with a revolver, and the garden is secured with a fence. Monster of all sorts are trying to destroy the fence so as to steal the vegetable. The rabbit shots the attackers to defend his property. For each monster killed he earns money, which can be spent to upgrade the weaponry and the fence, so as to be able to keep the thieves at bay when the levels of attacks get more intense. For the same purpose the reloading speed as wells as the gun accuracy can be upgraded. Even a robotic gun turret is available in Carrot Defense. Do you have what it takes to help the rabbit in 15 intense rounds, in which the attackers get stronger and stronger as well as more numerous?
Carrot Defense Screen

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