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Brave Knights Game

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Brave Knights Game

There is a definite trend growing in power tower defence games by lot of developers these days to use high quality graphics and feature rich storyline. Or at least have a go at it by mimicking some of the features of other top power tower defence games online like Kingdom Rush, Monster Bastion, Mauled Zero & this the Brave Knights game.

At least thats the take we get on it but Brave Knights also looks like its been designed on the Bubble Tanks engine or from the same principal in that you’ll need to put towers on the maps squares to stop and kill the waves of incoming knights hell bent on winning the Kings princesses hearts and stealing them away from the King forever. So you’ll need to test your skills on the battlefield as a true Knight yourself by strategically placing towers and using spells to defend the princesses.

Brave Knights game

Overall gameplay of the Brave Knights game is smooth and easy. The aesthetics are highly polished with vibrant colours with nice relaxing music and life like sound effects. But its the funny story line that makes this a top power tower defence game as you’d expect having to rescue beautiful princesses and appease the King as well as adding character and depth to it. So your main goal will be to complete quests by killing incoming knights before they get to a princess and fall into an eternal love bubble by placing towers in their path to stop them.

Except the towers wont last forever! You’ll have to replace them with new towers. Fortunately you earn gold every time you kill a knight so pick it up when they drop it to buy new towers with. You can’t upgrade your towers on the map during the game. But at the end of every level you can spend any experience points you’ve earned on upgrading them then as well as like being able to get more gold per kill, more time per level, more damage or more princesses, to getting more potions and scrolls or firepower for your cannon towers.

There are 15 quest to complete like kill 40 knights, build 20 attack towers, earn x amount of gold etc.
You’ll probably find yourself repeating a few levels to earn gold coins and experience points and that’s best spent on more princesses first.

  • Stop the marauding knights from stealing away the heart throbbing princesses!
  • Kill knights by placing the right towers on the battle field.
  • Towers have limited health and time span before they need replacing.
  • Collect any gold coins or scrolls that the knights drop for building special towers.

Have fun.
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