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Bloons TD1

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Bloons TD1

Why bore you with a long introduction and detailed description of the Bloons Tower Defense 1 game? If you want to play it, then play it you may right here. We will say though this IS the original first made version of Bloons. This is the one that started it all off and paved the way for the other cool Bloons games. It’s like Bloons was meant to be. Pop, pop, pop! Try to pop all the balloons before they get to the other end of the path on the map by using monkey towers in a strategic fashion. A game by NinjaKiwi. A walk down tower lane as we add Bloons TD1. We all know this game has been out for years but its the Bloons game that started it all off. If it wasn’t for this one then we wouldn’t have any of the other Bloons TD games. So we have to have the original Bloons 1 game on the site for you. Well its still a great game if you’ve never played any of the Bloons tower defense challenges before. Even still if you just wanted a quick play to remember what it was like. To see how limited and basic it is. Have fun.

Stop all bloons from getting to you at the end of the path.
Place monkeys that throw darts (monkey towers) along the path.
Earn points from popping bloons and spend up upgrading/buying towers.


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One Comment

  1. Rein says:

    This is a good way to remember where all bloons came from. Nice post there!

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