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Bit Battles

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Bit Battles

Bit Battles is another 8 bit strategy action game by BoardingParty on AmorGames where you have to defend your floating castle from 3 death pits of ever spawning enemies with the help of knights, spearmen, and mages to defend your castle against the bad dudes. You’ll have to hold the line against many types of pixelated enemies. Take control of your platoon and charge through them by spawning more and more knights, spearmen, and mages to stop them from getting into your castle.

Drag and drop one of your heroes to one of the enemies pathways to attack them. Click inside your spawn area to spawn and summon more heroes to kill the attacking evil dudes. Click on your heroes outside the spawn area to make them use their special abilities. Make your heroes to reach the enemies side to win the game. You are awarded cash at the end to buy upgrades with and level up your heroes.

People are saying Bit Battles game is a simple concept but apart from the drag n drop element I’ve not seen anything like it before. But its surely fun and addictive to play. Each hero has their own abilities so you’ll have to use the best strategy to match the enemies strengths. You will have to keep clicking a lot in the spawn area to generate enough troops to push the enemy back. But it can get a little intimidating having to click heroes to activate their powers outside the spawn area and click enough to generate more without getting pushed back yourself. But all this makes for an actionable and frantic strategy game which just gives you what you want anyway.

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